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Actually Informations and News.

We are searching for help and support!

Contact us at support@chat4world.eu or in the IRC!


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Welcome to Chat4World. We introduce to you!

First at all, Welcome to Chat4World.

We are a multilingual Chat Network. Main Language is German / English. Everybody is welcome here. We try everday to keep IRC alive. Feel free to Support us.

  • A Community from Heart

    Were such a new Network, but we try to keep IRC alive. We want to give a place to the People to stay connected all over the World

  • Bring your Ideas within the Community

    We are always open for new Ideas. Just bringt them. We try to do it, that everyone feels welcome here.

As a Note: The Website is still under construction, if you see any errors or things whats wrong feel free to contact me under: support@chat4world.eu. Thanks for the Help.


Our Live Stats

Here you can see our live stats from the Network.


Check our Services

We provide services to you to your needs.

Community on Fly

A open Community for your Questions. Feel Free to join our Community Today
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Nickname Registrations

You can register your nickname on the server to your own

Channel Registrations

We got public channels to chat on. You can register your own channels and share with your friends to chat on.

Webchat/Client Support

We provide Webchat Client support and other client support. If you got your own client just connect to irc.chat4world.eu:6667 or irc.chat4world.eu:+6697.

Our Wiki

Our wiki leads you to the right commands that you need for our server.
( Under Construction )


You got Problems? Your banned? Something else? Write a Ticket!
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Chanlist / Banlist

Check our Chanlist / Banlist

Here you can see our Chanlist and Banlist.


The Chat4World Team

That you know whos behind the Chat4World Team





KittyCat ( Bot )

The Allrounder

Whiskas ( Bot )

The Uno Player


Contact Us

Contact us at every time. Via Email or in the irc in the channel #support. Otherwise send a Ticket on the Helpdesk.

IRC Helpchannel

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